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About Who Is The Star In Citi Custom Cash Card 'It Pays To Be Dan

74 percent (variable) Outstanding partner for the Citi Premier Card and Citi Double Cash Card Cons The 5 percent bonus category has a $500 spending cap per billing cycle You require to track your total spending given that you only earn 5 percent back in one category at the end of the billing cycle 3 percent foreign deal charge A deeper check out the existing card deal, Quick highlights: 5 percent money back (on as much as $500 each billing cycle, then 1 percent) on your top spending classification each billing cycle: 20,000 Thank, You Pointsworth $200 in money backafter spending $750 on purchases in the first three months: $0: 0 percent for 15 months: 0 percent for 15 months: 14.

Citi Custom Cash Card review - The Points GuyCash Back Credit Cards -

74 percent (variable) Current sign-up perk, New cardholders can earn $200 money back after spending $750 in purchases within their first three months, which comes in the form of 20,000 Thank, You points. Click Here For Additional Info is on par with the sign-up bonus offers you'll discover on some of the most popular cash back cards, and the Citi Custom Money card's spending requirement is simple to fulfill.

The Definitive Guide for Citi Custom Cash Bonus: $200 for New Cardholders in May

7 percent. Here's how the Citi Customized Cash card's perk stacks up to that of comparable rewards cards when you break down the reward as a return on spend: Rewards rate, Although it's marketed as a cash back card, the Custom-made Cash in fact makes Citi Thank, You Points. All of Citi's no yearly cost cards make "fundamental" Thank, You points, which are slightly various from the full-fledged Thank, You points you collect with the Citi Premier Card or Citi Status Card.

However, unlike the points you 'd make with some other Citi cards, Thank, You points earned with the Customized Money card keep their value when redeemed toward cash back or declaration credits. Here's our breakdown of the Citi Custom Money's benefits program and how to squeeze the most value from each point.

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